Bonfire, 2019

Installation including up-cycled CRT monitors, corded telephones, rocks, logs, cedar + smoke oil. Audio playing through telephones is altered by viewers through external mixing board.

Collaboration with composer Matt Kinney


Third Voice Residency, 2018


Collaboration with choreographer James Barrett and composer Matt Kinney


14 days, 2018



Tumble Dry, 2017

Original stage play


Stalemate, 2016

Live improvised granulated audio and video projection

Collaboration with composer Matt Kinney 

Video and audio are improvised in real time; a game ensues. The stakes are unknown and the method is ever changing. In a contest with infinite equal outcomes, success is arbitrary. We navigate this clouded environment, evaluating the relationship between obsession and futility. 


Last Morning, 2015

Video projection

Collaboration with composer Matt Kinney, commissioned by Chatterbird Ensemble